About Us

Steve Morgan

A technical writer and an expert, Steve has been working for the last ten years in a reputed IT firm in California State and has been known for his skilled and detailed writing. Although being a technical writer, he loves to find more and delve inside the depth of the latest technology. Microsoft Outlook has been one of his most lovable area where he likes to write and share his knowledge the most. Even management of big firms and enterprise  follow his advise on certain issues related to Outlook, PST, Microsoft Outlook Exchange etc.  In here, Steve is one of the senior most technical author who will guide you on Outlook issues.

Clara Rodriguez

Clara has been working in the computer technology industry since she left her college after doing Master’s degree  in Technology right from Harvard University. Being a technical aficionado, the lady has worked as a senior IT advisor in certain big enterprises and has amassed experience and expertise. Her knowledge in Business and Enterprise level software like Outlook is impeccable and unmatched.  In here too, Clara is working as a senior author and advisor and will guide you on certain issues and problems related to Outlook, Outlook PST file and all other related things. So stay tuned for her unmatched advise and posts of course.