Download PST Repair Tool- Answer to Scanpst.exe Failure

Microsoft Outlook is an extensively used professional email client application across the world. With every new version of Microsoft Outlook, ease and flexibility in usage has been enhanced and improvised along with the management of mails, calendars, appointments, contacts, journals notes in a Personal Storage Table ( PST ) file. But still there is some lack of compatibility or issues that an Outlook user seems to face with this applications, PST corruption being one of the most irritating and annoying of them all. PST files actually provide a great deal of email management facility, but one should not forget that it is a sensitive file too that gets damaged under some conditions mentioned below.

  • Corruption problems
  • Virus infection
  • System crash
  • Outlook application malfunction
  • Oversizing issues
  • Unexpected system shutdown.

PST corruption in most of the cases results in data inaccessibility and user get to face error messages that become a never ending irritation with the passage of time.

Download Scanpst.exe – Is it efficient enough?

There is no need to introduce this tool as common Outlook users must have used this tool in some way or the other to repair damaged Outlook PST file. And most of the times, the first thing that comes in mind of a user after a PST becomes unresponsive is to download scanpst.exe for the process of fixing the issue. But does it really efficient enough? Actually the answer is no. Why? If you surf the Internet, you will find many user asking question about what to do when Inbox repair tool does not responds or fails?

Reasons behind failure of Scanpst.Exe tool can be given to its limitations. Actually, in real it is indeed a good tool but its functionality is limited to PST header repair. If level or severity of damage is high, then in such condition, it fails or becomes unresponsive.

What solution to opt for then?

If you are going through any such conditions in Outlook PST, the best thing here would be opting for a professional PST repair software. With stronger and sophisticated algorithms, it scans a damaged PST file bit by bit and then repairs it. After all this is done, the tool shows a preview of the recovered items and gives an option to save all in safe user specified destination.  Its easy to use interface and step by step user friendly wizard adds a taste of goodness to it. The tool has got several plaudits for the easy and simple interface that requires no techniques or expertise to operate.

Besides this, it has been programmed with non destructive codes and it does not hamper or harm a bit of the data or items it repairs and recovers from a corrupt PST file. Functions of the PST repair tool also includes repairing oversized files, password protected files repair and recovery etc. The best thing is that it runs equally good on several versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 etc. and supports recovery on different Windows OS versions. Thus, if you are thinking to download Scanpst.exe for PST repair, think again. Use PST repair tool that is a better alternative to Inbox repair tool.